Don't let ranch worries keep you up at night.

Keep a watchful eye on the horses & ranch even
when you're miles away!

Never worry about Colic, Cast, Foaling, Expensive Tack, Employee Productivity, Costly Feed/Hay, Vet Meds, Fuel Tanks or Equipment again.

Remote Viewing Cameras help Protect Horses, Ranch Assets & Livelihood with 24/7 Monitoring from your Phone or Tablet.

**Our cameras help you detect issues early, saving you time & money in the long run and give you peace of mind.**


The Camera Industry talks a lot about resolution but there are other features more important than resolution. As Horse Ranch Camera Experts, we know what features are most important for ranch cameras and we’re sharing that knowledge with you in the Free Report below. 

Save Time & Get More Sleep ~ Watch for Colic, Casting, Foaling, Overall Well-Being, Etc.


Are the cameras that you install wireless or hard wired?
We install hard wired cameras to give you the most reliable & secure live video of your property. Nothing beats a hard wire camera system but if you do not have security or theft concerns then wireless cameras can be a good option for remotely live viewing your horses or property.
Do you have a WiFi camera option if I am only interested in remote viewing?
Yes, we do have a DIY internet & wireless camera option if your primary interest is remote viewing. This is a good, less expensive option if you are not concerned about security & mostly want to keep an eye on your horses for foaling, colic, casting, recovery, etc. We can provide you with an internet solution for your barn & the amount of cameras that you want then explain how to set it all up.
Do you have a wireless, portable camera that I can travel with?
Yes! We recently began offering a wireless camera that is great for your horse trailer or to use on the road while at rodeos, horse shows, racetracks, etc. Some folks are using these in their pasture, loafing shed or even at their gates.
Do I need to have internet in my barn?
No, you do not need to already have internet in your barn for cameras. If you have internet anywhere on your property, such as a house, then we have equipment that will allow us to use your home internet. If there is not any internet on the property, then we still have an internet solution so you can get cameras.
Do I need to be tech savvy for your cameras?
You do not need to be tech savvy for our cameras! Our App is simple to use and we train you on how to use it. We also provide remote technical support if you need help or you can access user videos & guides on our website for extra support. We are a full service ranch camera provider offering professional installation, DIY “Do It Yourself” or we are here to DIWY “Do It With You”.
Are the cameras expensive?

To be honest, everything seems to be expensive these days. Regarding our professional installed systems, we are not the most expensive; however, we are also not the cheapest. We will not offer poor quality camera solutions & you already know that you get what you pay for. If you are interested in a professionally installed camera system then it’s best for us to meet with you to see where you want cameras. Our visit with you is to make sure we can accomplish your goals & it tells us what equipment will be needed to send you an estimate.

If you are interested in a DIY solution or our wireless, portable camera, then we can discuss features & pricing more easily over the phone, or through messaging, Although we are still happy to meet with you & give you all of your options. Just reach out and we are happy to answer any pricing or other questions you may have.

Does it take a lot of time to get cameras setup because I am busy?

Getting cameras setup on your property typically does not take a lot of your time.  In fact, cameras give you some of your time back since you can check on your horses or property remotely. Your initial time investment will take place during our short visit to your property if you want an estimate to have us install the cameras. Our installation schedule is usually 2-3 weeks out & in most cases we can install the cameras within a 2-8 hours depending on the number of cameras. We do have large jobs that can take several days but that is not frequent. In general, you can have cameras professionally installed within 2-3 weeks of visiting with us.

Our DIY solution is pretty simple as well. If you are busy now then you will still be busy later. Making an investment in cameras will help you save time & worry so you can put your attention & effort into other things. 

We Offer No-Cost Camera Design & Estimates!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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